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Who is Ken Willis?
The name "Ken Willis" means something in the communications industry – something beyond quality or experience or credibility, though it encompasses those in spades. It means integrity, wisdom, trust.

Ten years ago Ken took the accumulated knowledge from his stints as an investigative reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, chief of staff to a congressman and head of some of the country’s largest PR firms and created a truly unique communications company.
He envisioned a business of exceptional specialists who could focus on true partnerships and understanding corporate culture. In 2007, KWI was born. It began as a niche internal communications team with embedded consultants who worked hand-in-hand with corporate communications staff to build employee engagement. They inverted the standard messaging approach that focused on writing for channels – adding external along the way – and took a more strategic “story first” method to corporate messaging (before it became trendy!), then designed the right mix to amplify the message. As communications have become more strategic, the team has grown its organizational design muscle.

KWI has built award-winning communications campaigns for the past decade across channels that hadn’t even been invented when Ken founded the company, representing his own ability to see what things can be before they in fact are. The team is intentionally small, allowing us to maintain agility, specialization and local focus – and takes a targeted approach to clients with strong reputations and long-term partnerships. That encompasses Fortune 500 CEOs to passionate private foundations and everything in between.