This month, KWI celebrates the release of Aflac’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Such reports have become increasingly important in recent years as consumers, activists, employees, regulators and investors have upped their expectations that corporations strive for more than positive financial performance and serve some social purpose.

In fact, Aflac’s own 2019 research reveals more Americans (49%) now believe it is very important for a company to “make the world a better place” than “make money for its shareholders” (37%).  Aflac’s 2018 CSR Report highlights $133 million the company has contributed to research, treatment and awareness of childhood cancer. The report also reflects the commitment of this $22 billion company to business ethics, the environment, philanthropy, community service and a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.

The release of the report is a major annual event inside Aflac, with speeches by the CEO and other executives headlining an employee celebration. KWI editors, writers, designers, artists and project managers worked with Aflac for eight months to produce the multimedia report, which can be found on Aflac’s corporate website here.

Image by Aflac