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Our team brings a diverse mix of talents and backgrounds to KWI, giving us a unique perspective in the communications  landscape. Read on for our take on communications trends, issues and insights shaping businesses today.

Nike’s Gamble, and Why it Worked

The 2018-2019 NFL Season ended with perhaps the least surprising headline: New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champs. Again. But the season started with a wholly original headline: Former QB Sparks Controversy in New Nike Ad. When Nike released a TV spot in early September 2018 featuring Colin Kaepernick, the sports apparel company was gambling…

Strategic Hires Expand KWI Capabilities

We are welcoming two highly accomplished brand reputation and corporate social responsibility practitioners so we can further develop these areas with the same strategy and excellence that has marked our firm.

Finding the Knowledge Lost in Information

We are now living in what has become defined as the Information Age. Just as the Industrial Revolution catalyzed the Industrial Age, the Digital Revolution has sparked a new environment characterized by Big Data and digital communications where information is hitting consumers at a constant and overwhelming clip.

Working for a Company That Doesn’t Value Busyness

"You can’t expect creative people to continue being creative when you have them working more than 40 hours a week.” This statement was something that KWI's founder said to me in my final job interview.

Recipe For Cooking Up a Good Idea

Ideas for new programs or products can spike interest in the news coming from your organization. Since innovation can and does come from anywhere and anyone, here are some ways to be a fantastic facilitator in your company’s next brainstorming exercise...

What does “transparency” really mean?

Consumers are attracted to – and often expect – personalization, constructive content, and storytelling from real people doing real things in real time.


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